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YouCanCHeckOut_art 001youcancheckout 001I love, love, love this non fiction trade paperback novel, written, drawn and published by the one and only Eli Elliott, a Venice Beach local who is originally from Michigan.
“You can check out” chronicles the Authors time in Venice Beach after a 5 yr. hiatus and the hijinks’ that insue as he finds himself embroiled in the mayhem that is quite often “Dog Town” day to day.
Traveling and living in his Van enables Mr. Elliott to spend most of his day in public places. Coffee shops, Libraries and “The Lot”, are Perfect settings for new creative stories and ideas (if he survives).
Through it all Eli has a sense of humor, as parking his “buggy” gets more difficult and one story homes are being demolished he mockingly renames Venice to “Venetian Heights” where “IT’LL STILL BE FUNKY, BUT CLEAN, TRENDY AND FRIENDLY FUNKY!” Or his “spot on” hilarious drawings throughout the book that show the reader exactly how things went down.
This should be mandatory reading for middle and high school aged children in Venice. Let’s teach our children that “car surfing” never ends well, the “library” is neutral territory and when someone socks you in the eye just “forgive them”, because “you hit them first”.
I grew up in Venice and it’s always fun to hear about peoples experiences that are visiting or passing through, especially if they love Venice as much as I do and the stories end on a high note! Now, whenever I meet someone from Michigan I think, cool!
Eli is so dreamy and so are his novelettes’ which will be perfect to read on any lazy Wednesday afternoon.
For more info. on Eli Elliott and his books see, he is also editor and co-producer of Roofless TV, a local community YouTube channel.
-Min. Saffron

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