* Dump the Drumph*

* Dump the Drumph*
Let’s all take a dump on Donald Trump.
His family name is really Drumph.
He is a nasty Nazi grump.
His face looks like a monkey’s rump.
He claims he’s a genius but his brain is a big lump.
His mouth is a filthy sump pump.
On every question he’ll jump.
Anyone who disagrees he’ll jail, even Forrest Gump.
He keeps buying younger wives to hump.
Says the U.S. is in a slump.
Claims he’ll make us rich again and plump.
But many of his financial ventures went flump.
TV news spawned him by endlessly showing Trump.
The KKK, Nazis and sickos all love that Trump shlump.
His political foes he will scream, lie and bump.
His Nazi storm troopers will kick and thump.
He’s got Hitler’s hair and he’s a brainless tree stump.
We’ll all be goose stepping, clump, clump, clump.
He’s a racist mugwump.
He’ll start an atomic war and we’ll all be fried to a lump He’s taking us all for his chump.
In bridge and pinochle he’d be a no-trump.
So better get your passports ready to run and jump.
He’ll turn America into a garbage dump.
He’ll build a wall of hate around America that evil old grump So let’s all yell, “You’re FIRED Donald Duck Drumph!”
-Moishe Smecklehead-