Who not to vote for in the June 5th Neighborhood Council Election.

This race has intensified this year, with what might appear to be a few factions circulating their own voting recommendations.  Have no illusions that the largest issue driving this is the development policies of the City of Los Angeles.  This puts the policies and procedures of the Land Use and Planning process at center stage.  The players for the Real Estate development side of the equation are clear, and the progressive candidates are also clear.  There are many other candidates.  Having read their campaign statements they appear as lightweights, never-done-nothing do-gooders, who will take everything personal and narcissistic. Are they stealth candidates?  Spewing platitudes while planning to vote for every development.  Below the list of DO NOT VOTE FOR THESE candidates, is a set of questions we felt would help clarify where any particular candidate’s position is on many issues we expect the  Neighborhood Council will confront.   Our recommended candidate list is in another post here.

We recommend NOT voting for the following candidates, because they have either demonstrated a favoritism for development projects which are destroying our community, or have not demonstrated any progressive leadership on development issues..

George Francisco – NO

Kelly Willis – NO

Robert Thibodeaux – NO

Sunny Bak – NO

Barry Casilly – NO

Jim Murez – NO

John Reed – NO

Melissa Diner – NO

Brian Silvera – NO

Matt Kline – NO

Yolanda Gonzales – NO

Questions for Neighborhood Council Candidates

– How do you think the city should deal with homelessness?
– How do you feel about gentrification in Venice?
– How do you feel about compliance sign-offs for developers?
– What specifically would you like to see done by the VNC?
– Have you ever worked for Realtors? Do your relatives or your close friends work for any aspect of the Real Estate Business, including finance and development.
– Do you support the proposed Ocean Front Walk Business Improvement District?
– Are you an attorney?  If so which firm?
– Where do you live?
– Do you own property in Venice?
– Do you own more than one property in Venice?  How many?
– Do you own commercial property in Venice?
– Do you work in Venice?

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  1. I love the Beachhead and its valuable and valid voices of reason and of dissent – essential to democracy and holistic human society. In that vein, I respectfully disagree with the recommend NO vote on Kelley Willis.

    Kelley has continually supported (loudly, as always) interests of an income-diverse population, properly regulated development, City accountability and addressing homelessness where it exists instead of forcing the underserved out of the community in which they sleep.

    While Kelley’s underlying advocacy for restoring balance can be drowned out by the megaphonic quality of his voice, he remains high on my list of preferred advocates for a more fair Venice and better handling of Venice issues by the City.

    I look forward to the Beachhead’s new consideration of Kelley Willis’s community value in the future.