Storm Drain at Thornton Avenue. Who is representing community public health concerns?


I would like to know where the Venice Neighborhood Council and the Venice Chamber of Commerce have been when it comes to a potentially serious public health issue consequential to all residents of Venice and our millions of visitors? I would like my council office to bring issues like this to the public’s attention.

Has anyone heard anything from these entities about the ongoing issues at Thornton Avenue Storm Drain?

Perhaps this is an inconvenient truth in such a hot real estate market?

City & State law regarding public notification appears to have limited expectations.

This is the response to a question about public notification from James R Tebbetts, Environmental Specialist II, Environmental Management Group, Bureau of Engineering.

“Public Notification – (How is the Venice community and public at large being noticed of this meeting?) Per a response to this question, Mr. William Jones of this Office wrote: This notice constitutes public notification requirements under the Coastal Act. Aside from posting onsite, the notice was mailed out to 150 property owners and residents within 100 feet of the project alignment. Notice was also sent to 30 interested parties and agencies.

In addition there was also sent 11 emails to various government agencies. Additionally notices of the permit being proposed were posted on: a street light at the intersection of Thornton Avenue and Speedway; a street light near the intersection of Thornton Avenue and Ocean Front Walk; and a notice was posted on the chain link safety fence that surrounds the Thornton Avenue Venice drain opening.” Storm Drain at Thornton Avenue. Who is representing community public health concerns?

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I would have thought that this would be relevant to the Ocean Front Committee. The City of Los Angeles has only 1 mile of beach in the entire 1100 miles of California coast. That is the beach in Venice. Surely we can do better? I would like to know the health of the beach where our children play.
Only 4 members of the public attended this public meeting: Lydia Ponce, Robin Rudisill, Mark Lipman and Margaret Molloy.
Here is the list of people who have been contacted about this: California Coastal Commission, Mike
Prlich & Sons, Los Angeles Water Quality Control Board, Department of Engineering, Department of Sanitation, Department of Public Health: Environmental Health, Department of Parks & Recreation, Heal the Bay, LA Waterkeepers, UCLA Center for Environmental Research and Community Engagement, Council District 11.
Whether this is a well-managed situation or a cause for public health concerns, the public has a right to know.
Who do you want to represent the issues that affect your family well-being and all citizens?
I believe electability and accountability belong in the same sentence.
sincerely, margaret molloy
Photos on March 22, 2016

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