Neighborhood Council Election Today!

Get your letter of certification here!    “Whether you live, work, own property, or have a substantial and ongoing participation in Venice, and are at least 16 years old, you are a VNC “stakeholder” and eligible to vote on June 5th. No pre-registration is necessary, but EmpowerLA rules state: “Stakeholders must affirm their stakeholder status by completing a Stakeholder Registration Form” which will be available at the Polling Place on the day of the election. Every voter must verify their eligibility before receiving a ballot – so DON’T FORGET YOUR ID and evidence that shows you’re a Venice stakeholder!”  – VNC Website

This means that if you have been contributing to the Venice Beachhead, or any other Venice Community  Organizations, you are entitled to vote in this election, where ever you live.   We can provide you with a letter confirming your participation in the Venice Beachhead, one of the oldest on-going cultural institutions in Venice.


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