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A Snake in the Wheatgrass

We’ve all seen the Cryptic Ballerina Clown atop CVS, proudly throwing up “666”, or the “OM” or “AUM” symbol (depending on your perception), at the corner of Main and Rose.
And I’m sure we’ve all also seen the eerie serpentine eye slits or three 6’s adorning 3 sides of the Taco Bell on Lincoln.

Just recently I noticed that Whole Foods has decided to join in on the occult symbolism trend. This trend consists of blatantly Gaslighting the public. Gaslighting* is a system that is based on subliminal brain washing. So it’s basically on the sly, or snake like. Take a good look at the letter “O” in “Whole”.

The Serpent.(Sssssssssssss)


The snake is a symbol of both evil and divinity in different cultures. One has a mission to deceive and the other, to uplift. My question to Whole Foods is, are you wholesome or venomous? Don’t hide your intentions under the guise of an “Apple” or a peach. Which side are you on? One way or the other Venice will find out the truth!
Do I have something personal against Whole Foods?

Yes I do! I want to shop high end and occasionally ask an intelligent food related question without having to feel like I’m not “HOT” enough for an intelligent response. I’m also done with S.W.A.T. following me around the store. The cashiers are usually friendly, but oops, here’s the same security guard that was following me while I shopped at the entrance, on my departure. I’ve been frequenting this location (Lincoln and Rose) for over a year and a half, so when is it ever going to become my friendly local neighborhood market? Never!

Does High End equal illuminati?

No. “Gelsons” just opened on Lincoln and Ocean. The space seems a little bare right now but the service is on point.
Cooportunity is at 1525 Broadway, Santa Monica and has organic GMO free local food.

And let’s not forget “The Farmers Market’s!”. We are so very fortunate. We happen to be in the food Makkah* You can find, Organic fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, tonics, spices, herbs and good advice in Venice.

I can’t control what people put into their bodies but I can spread aware- ness so that we don’t become enslaved by the beast.
-Min. Saffron

*Makkah is the birth place of Mohammad and a city in Saudi Arabia. It is spelled Mecca when referring to the city. Wikipedia
*Gaslighting is a form of mental abuse, in which information is twisted or spun. The term owes its origin to the 1938 play “Gas Light” and also it’s film adaptation’s. The term has been used in Clinical and research literature. – Wikipedia


– Minister Saffron

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