Gone too soon…Venice Beach Angel “Frankie”

DSCF3256Red- I met Frankie on the boardwalk many years ago. We knew each other at least 3 years before we became friends, after that we were inseparable. My last day with Frankie was miraculous!

O.G.- Frankie was happiest when she was with her son. She was too young to die and full of life. She would give her heart and expect nothing in return. O.G. also recalls being punched in the arm every time they crossed paths. Now he fondly calls them love taps.

Shadow- I knew Frankie for about 8 yrs. Her death was out of the blue and blew my mind. She was cool.

T.Z.S.- Warm people, with an open heart and mind. She was everyday people!

Frankie was born Ann Elizabeth Eagan in Memphis Tennessee. She was 43.

Robert Clifton Burket

Rickey Pettyburket- Bob and I met in ‘91’ at the “Pink Elephant” in Santa Monica. Bob was my hero! Shed no tears for Bob his glory lives on forever. and every step I take in life Bob takes it with me. And so I step into my life without Bob. This is what I know Bob would want for me. God bless you Bob and rest in peace. I’ll see you when I get there Honey. I love you Bob and I miss you more than anything on earth in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Robert’s academic pursuits enabled him to travel all over the country. After receiving a degree in Geology from El Camino in Sacremento, he headed to Santa Monica and attended Cal Tech in Pasadena. Mr. Burket worked for thirty-five years as a computer programmer. Born in Kansas to Stan and Nada Burket (deceased), Bob is survived by one brother Bruce Burket.

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