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Letter: Election Fraud

Dear Free Venice Beachhead ReadersIMG_7925.JPG
Please consider dropping our District Attorney, Jackie Lacey, a quick email re: Election Fraud in the VNC Election by C&O restaurants — here’s an example:
(Jackie Lacey 818-439-3081 – or or use online form here –

Dear D.A. Jackie Lacey:

I am contacting you to let you know of what, I believe, is Election Fraud being perpetrated by a local business in Venice, CA re: the upcoming VNC election on June 5, 2016.
As follows:

A local C & O restaurant chain has offered, by letter, to pay their employees for voting, according to their recommended slate, in the upcoming VNC election: “With your help we would like to support more moderate candidates that are running for a position on the VNC…we will pay you for an hour of your time and even provide a free lunch if you go and vote.”
A copy of the letter is online.
Here’s hoping you will help us to stop this kind of electoral fraud in Venice, which has come under attack by BIG business and development special interests in regard to our upcoming election.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Stakeholder of Venice