City of L.A.

Letter: Looks like back room deals at City Hall Planning.

Dear Free Venice Beachhead:
It is high time that the corruption and good old boy back room deals are exposed.
Everyone knows that Greg Shoop signs off on every VSO it is also known that The DA refuses to investigate etc
No resident has been informed in writing before a new construction begins. That is the law so that those impacted have a chance to voice concerns or object within 60 days of posting. That “official business” mailing never came to any of us even though Bonin’s office told me it would come. And anyone adjacent to constructions are supposed to be offered compensation if they are 2 houses on both sides of new construction and directly across and behind construction
That means all affected by builders are owed money.
I call this a conspiracy to defraud residents and tax payers in the almighty name of gentrification while doing an end run around the existing laws on the books.
Time to contact investigative journalists on CBS NBC And ABC and Internet sites.
IMHO the city has been breaking the law for the past 7 years.
Now they are trying to change the laws to cover their tracks.
It is time to expose all of them.
“Abuse and Abuse of The Public Trust”, if found guilty equals prison time.
They think we won’t unite and out them.
Time to do exactly that

– Stephen Grimes