Neighborhood Council/Town Council

Letter Re: Venetians for Venice, AKA, Vultures for Venice.

Dear Free Venice Beachhead
I just saw a slate of developer/speculator friendly VNC candidates put out by Mark Ryavec’s speculator front group “Venetians for Venice.” You can count on his preferred candidates rubber stamping ALL development, no matter how big. It couches their agenda to make Venice Miami Beach with code saying: “Vote for these people or 50% of your property rights will be restricted by the VNC’s plan.” The current VNC has NOT passed any such plan, but if it had, what does reducing your property rights by 50% mean to you? It means: you can’t build whatever the hell you want, no matter HOW BIG. Is Venice a commodity or a community, neighborhoods or bank roll to you? I urge everyone to be careful who you vote for, but vote on Sunday, June 5, 10AM-6PM I’ll share the names of people I know who will protect Venice from over development (privately via PM) if you want to know my recommendations- they care about Venice 1st, not as a means to make their fortune. As someone who was elected president twice, also as VP and community officer several times and highest vote getter, I know all the players and their motives. Just ask….
– Linda Lucks