Marty Liboff


-marty liboff-2015

With a broken soul and heart
I try a new start.
I run to the far end of the earth
searching for a rebirth.
After a long trip I reach
Venice Beach-
looking for any wisdom it will teach.
A trip to the West Coast
L.A. is crazy and it is the most.
I’ve been hurt and sad
tryin to figure out the good from the bad.
Abbot Kinney & Krishna sittin on a bench
homeless pee makes a stench.
Buddha & Elvis strollin the Ocean Front Walk
John Lennon & Janis Joplin talk.
Bob Marley & Marilyn Monroe on a skateboard
Jim Morrison & J.C. praise the Lord.
Prince singin with Michael Jackson
bikin & goin for a run in the sun.
My soul is worn & torn
I’ve felt scorn
but on Venice Beach I’ve been reborn.
In the cool ocean night
we’ll dream of the wrong and the right.
We can drop our masks and lies
walkin & watchin the starry skies.
We’ll swim in the sea
ocean as far as you can see.
Wash our sins away
our hurt can’t stay-
we’ll heal our souls today.
Seagulls & pigeons flyin above
like angels and a peace dove.
Watch the most beautiful moon & sunset
and soon all your worries you’ll forget.
If poetry, art & music are your goal
Venice Beach will feed your soul.
Time becomes an eternity
love is all we see.
We’ll make a new start
Venice Beach will heal your heart…

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