Mark Lipman

Until It is Done – for Nelson Mandela

by Mark Lipman

For all those who say,
it can never be done,

who look upon those ivory towers
with their militarized trenches
disappearing chambers
and puppet mechanisms

imitating human beings
in all aspects
‘cept for a conscience
and a body to jail

enslaving a world with divisions
of hate and sectarianism,

I say, dream of a world
which is at peace with itself.

For all those who have
given up hope,

who have fallen to despair,
who see the skies falling in on them
and the shoreline inching closer

who have given into fear
and the bitter tears of defeat,

I say, courage is not the absence of fear,
but the triumph over it.

Stand tall and lead.

To be free is not merely
to cast off one’s chains,
but to break them all.

For all those who dream of freedom
there is no easy path.

hills follow hills
and mountains
before we reach our valley

we must use our time wisely
and see the horizon.

Settle not for a life
… worth less than living.

Reach with your first and very last breath
towards victory, to that mountaintop

and we will all be there with you,
on the frontline of life
standing in the light
of that glorious sun.

Lift up your hearts, the time is ripe
it always seems impossible
until it is done.

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