Will Venice Ever Be Shangri-La?

by M. Saffronunnamed (1)

Devakinanda Das and I spoke on a beautiful Sunny day at the beach. He is happy to be back in Venice after his 8 month annual stint in Vrndavan India.
While in Venice Devakinanda stays in his van and can’t understand why the much needed changes regarding the ”houseless” haven’t been made here. He feels the solution is very simple.” We need to take some tips from India.”

BH: Hare Krishna.
DD: Hare Krishna.
BH: Welcome back, did you miss Venice?
DD: No.
BH: Is there any surfing in India?
DD: Yes, in Jagannath Puri.
BH: What percentage of the population in India is American?
DD: About half of 1 percent.
BH: What percentage do you think are “houseless”?
DD: About a 3rd.
BH: How are the “houseless” aided by the government?
DD: I don’t know.
BH: How are the”houseless” aided by society and family members?
DD: There is a hospital in india for the poor funded by volunteers. Also everyone is treated based on individual merit. Indians see the soul not the body. To live in falseness believing we are the body leads to arrogant conceptions of “ I and Mine”.
BH: Should “Houseless” Americans try to move to India?
DD: No. Everyone, anywhere is capable and has the ability to transcend.
BH: Even Venice?
DD: Yes!
BH: What does Venice Beach need to do to transcend?
DD: Venice Beach has become the lair of wolves, jackals and hyenas in the form of conglomerates. Google, Snap Chat, fancy restaurants, yoga studios and nail shops on every block. All of which are bodily conceptions of life.
There is no spiritual hub open 7 days a week with classes in the morning and evening. No *prasadam (food) distribtion, *harerama sankirtan, singing and dancing, to teach people they are not the body but pure spirit souls.
Venice Beach needs a small *Bhakti House, with 5 or 6 soul oriented people coming in and spreading love and the truth, which is that “we have absolutely nothing to do with material existence, that we are all one yet individual personalities, simultaneously one and different! ”
separation hurts;
greet everyone; happiness
all are suffering
Until a spiritually minded person with means opens a Bhakti House, Venice will continue to collapse into darkness!
BH: Thank you so much. Hare Krishna.
DD: You’re welcome, Hare Krishna.
Self Realization classes are being held outside, in the Santa Monica parking lot C across the street from the basketball court. Look for the groovy blue van.
“Wake up and realize your own inner strength.”
email: Chantnbhappy108@gmail.com
*Harerama Sankirtan: activity where the Lord is publicly praised with singing and dancing.
*Bhakti House: Devotional House.
*Prasadam: Lords mercy and blessing.

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