Marty Liboff


(the Orlando Massacre)
by-marty liboff

Shoot shoot shoot
Bang bang bang
you’re dead
I shot ya in the head.
I love my gun
killin is so much fun!
I love my gun
so ya better run run run.
Kill kill kill
shootin animals & people is such a thrill
it’s fun the more blood ya spill.
Doesn’t matter if you’re big or small
with a machine gun ya can walk tall.
Mass murders everyday
everyone wants to shoot & play.
Shootins at offices,clubs & school
everywhere nuts breakin the Golden Rule.
The NRA and gun makers making billions
sellin guns to their sicko minions.
Guns make me feel like a big man
so let’s shoot everyone who wants a ban.
Everyone needs a gun
even little babies have fun
shootin ya with your gun.
I need guns for my protection
from robbers,zombies & a Martian invasion.
I can bear arms says the 2nd Amendment
so I have guns,tanks & nukes in my basement.
I got a tiny prick
but my big gun makes me feel I have a big dick.
Whenever I’m horny & full of gas
I can stick my big gun up my ass.
The Bible says not to kill
but TV & movies show it’s such a thrill.
Movie producers know
they make more dough
the more blood & guts they show.
So let’s all have fun fun fun
shootin each other with a gun.
Shoot shoot shoot
Bang bang bang
Kill kill kill
shootin is such a thrill.
I love my gun
so ya better run run run
My gun is so much fun…