Marty Liboff

MOTHERS ARE CRYIN (after the recent terrorist attacks)

Mothers, fathers & children are cryin
everywhere loved ones dyin.
Terrorist monsters
human trash from dumpsters.
Everywhere killers & nuts
tryin to blow up people’s guts.
Bullets flying
innocents dying.
The world has gone crazy & mad
our future is getting hazy & sad.
Fundamentalist creeps
the 4 Horsemen reaps.
Evil religious nuts
want rivers of blood & guts.
Politicians & religious leaders all lie
when they tell you to kill & die.
everywhere wars in the news.
Bigots & warmongers preach hate,hate,hate
I hope its not too late.
Bombs, missiles, guns & knives
everywhere refugees run for their lives.
Mother Earth gets more & more scary
so many babies to bury.
We spend all our money on soldiers and war
only creates more hate to even the score.
The military-industrial complex gets all our bucks
while for the poor & sick it sucks.
Warmongers yell let’s go & kill
they think its a football game & a thrill.
Anytime we drop bombs from the sky
little babies die.
The blood of children on your souls
you’ll never be on heaven’s rolls
when the end tolls.
World War 3 we’ll see
the end of all humanity.
Please listen to my song
didn’t ya hear killin is wrong.
Give the the helpless a hand
instead of shootin play music in a band.
Write a poem & do your art
be conscious, aware & smart.
Stop the murder, fightin & division
instead have mercy, caring & compassion.
We’ve risen from a beast & animal
but with self awareness we can be reasonable.
Everywhere wars, starvation & hunger
our planet is doomed unless we learn to love one another.
Give peace & freedom a chance
let’s all sing & dance.
Kindness, forgiveness & togetherness is the way
only peace & love will save the day…

by marty liboff

Categories: Marty Liboff, Poetry