Poetry: Lost

Lost Days turn into Lonely Nights.
To Be Alone.
What is it?
To Feel Alone?
How do we
Forget our loneliness?
When it is puncturing the skin with its relentless pricks?
Leaving marks and scars.
Prying, Scratching.

Hurdles have been set before us.
How do we jump?
If our legs have lost motion.
If our feet are stationary.
Toes cramped?
How do we swim through waters of rage
to reach the shore of enlightenment
If our ligaments have lost ability of movement?
Our Brain – cognitive function?

Perched from this window I see life –
a relentless dream.
Looking through mesh screen, to a world beyond.
A world not mine to hold.
So close and yet such a distant yearning.
To be a part of that world.
To understand oneself in the uncertainty of this life.
With Love,

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