Running VenICE


by ICE

As far as my run, well, like I said it is a daily 10 mile trek along sun soaked Venice Beach and the Santa Monica shoreline filled with my many little sacred rituals and traditions. Running to me is a celebration of life. Of spirit. Of breath. Of health. Of Living in the bliss of NOW. Running is an exercise in discipline and dedication. Mostly though, it is super FUN!

The beach is my cathedral, a temple, and also a home to so many diverse souls. My run is a pilgrimage, a prayer, a meditation of many colors from gratitude, humility, to singing cheering and cultivating our collective energy. It changes day to day moment to moment depending on awareness, focus, and how much pain I can tolerate because running requires oneself to deal with pain. Running for me is a life metaphor, I guess.

The Venice skateboard park and the beautiful ever-changing graffiti wall for artists to express themselves is a true inspiration I love so dearly. The piers, both Venice and Santa Monica, are two of my many touchstones along the way. Both standing strong in the bay with so many people visiting from around the world for a front row seat to our sandy circus show.

Like the Santa Monica “Ink Well” Rock says, “pain and celebration.” That is running. And like California’s own Van Halen affirms in one of their many anthem songs I use as part of a running soundtrack says “Unchained … hit the ground running. Change – nothing stays the same.” Yes, it is true – the power of Van Halen (with Dave) can heal you – the greatest American hard rock band EVER! ‘Nough said:-)

The ENDANGERED SPECIES mural is a midpoint pause where I touch a tiny drop of paint on the concrete which represents everything in the universe to me from the infinitesimally small to the infinitely immense.

That one tiny little speck of paint connects and shows me how something like the mural was created out of seemingly nothing. That hand reaching out from underneath the tank in the mural is also my most solemn touchstone. We must end war is my cry.

As far as the upper body part of my SpiritRun well, I realized my arms did nothing while my legs did all the work so at first to save time I started doing yoga while running. But soon that became “a thing.” A series of now choreographed movements – Heart Menders. Peace Up’s. Chi or Qi Raisers. Freestyle Love Sign Windmills. A sort of simulated swimming with arms extended and peace or love signs flashing. You know when you see me.

Hopefully you could hear our conversation on your phone and this helps you with the piece.

Thanks and good luck Saffron,
Danny or… I.C.E.
Incredible Caucasian Emcee

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