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Dear NO Venice Bid friends:

Please plan to come to the Public Hearing at LA City Hall on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8 at 10 AM.  Come before or after you vote, but VOTE and attend the hearing!    If you are unable to attend, PLEASE send an email to Mike Bonin and other Councilmembers again, stating your objections to the BID and the Public Hearing Date (see attached email addresses and letter- it’s not too late).

          ***A new fact has emerged- all LA BIDs now must report to the LAPD Police Commission as a result of too many use of force incidents!  

 Although not prevailing to get a new hearing date has made it even harder for the NO Votes to prevail, we do not give up: call Mike Bonin’s office at 213-473-7011 again to express your opinion on the BID date and the BID itself;  when you call ask for a free pass to park under City Hall of level P2.  (You will need to leave your license plate number, the make and model and your name will be left on a list at the guard gate entered on Los Angeles Street. Once parked, go to level 3 and walk across the bridge into the main building).    Carpool?     My car can hold 5 people and if anyone else volunteers to take people, please say so.   We can meet at VCH 8:45-9AM, leaving not later than 9AM Sharp.    Ballots will be counted immediately after the vote and I hope some of you can stay as observers.

For those who drive on their own, park on level p2, take the elevator to the 3rd Floor,  walk across the bridge to the City Council Chambers and immediately fill out a “Speaker Card,” listing the agenda item (not yet published) and hand it to the Bailiffs stationed on both sides of the Chamber at the rope line.  Speaker cards are passed to the Council President who will call your name at some point.  You will have one minute to speak, so plan your words carefully- bullet points are best.

Thank you to everyone who worked passionately on this fight:  property owners, residents, unhoused and housed, business tenants.   If you have a FaceBook Account, “Like” the No Venice BID page, sign up to attend the Tuesday Hearing  and invite your FB friends asking them to  speak out and call Mike Bonin.  Anyone on may also post information asking your neighbors to speak up and show up. 

Finally:  The Argonaut printed an article yesterday about the BID, quoting tireless NO Bid champions, Marlene & John Okulick.  The Okulicks, Kevin Ragsdale and Martha Hertzberg have shown bravery by speaking out publicly. Thanks also to all who attended meetings, wrote letters, made calls, distributed flyers, posted on FB and stuffed many letters.  A special thanks to Nicole & Liza of Perloff Webster for stuffing, stamping and for financing the mailings.     It takes a village….

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