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“We Don’t Need Trump’s Lobbyist on the City Council”

Editor’s Note: The Beachhead Collective has not endorsed any candidate in the CD11 election.  We provide critical information about them all, particularly those we detest, or detestable doings by candidates we like.  The following is a press release from the LA League of Conservation Voters.mark-ryavectn

LALCV Calls Out Mark Ryavec on History of Representing Developers and Polluters

LOS ANGELES – One of LA’s leading local environmental organizations is calling out City Council candidate Mark Ryavec for his history as a lobbyist representing polluters and developers – including Donald Trump. Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters President Tom Eisenhauer today released the following statement regarding Ryavec’s concerning and hypocritical rhetoric:


“The Los Angeles City Council makes important decisions affecting air and water quality, how land is used, among other policies. We need City Councilmembers who stand up to the special interests and stand up FOR neighborhoods and the environment.

“That’s why we are very curious — and concerned — by the rhetoric of Mark Ryavec, a candidate in the 11th District. He’s challenging one of the strongest environmental leaders ever to serve on the L.A. City Council: Mike Bonin. More on Bonin below.

“Ryavec says he is basing his campaign on his willingness to stand up to developers and other special interests. He says he won’t take any contributions from developers. Sounds good, huh?

“Here’s what Ryavec doesn’t disclose: he’s a registered lobbyist who fought to expand the Sunshine Canyon landfill and shove it down the throats of a neighborhood that opposed it. He represented businesses before the Coastal Commission. And he represented Donald Trump in his fight to build a 125 story skyscraper on Wilshire Boulevard — on a site designated for a new school. He literally worked for Donald Trump, trying to build one of the tallest buildings in the world — against the interests of neighbors and of schoolchildren.

“So when Mark Ryavec talks about reforming City Hall, we need to remember that he’s a hired gun for big developers and polluters. What is his real agenda?

“Councilmember Mike Bonin, on the other hand, has made his agenda quite clear. His top priority is to put neighborhoods first, and he is committed to being hands-on by meeting, listening and working closely with residents and community groups to get things done.

“Mike is leading the effort to make Los Angeles America’s greenest city. He co-authored a groundbreaking policy committing the city to 100 percent renewable energy to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions that cause climate change, is working to ban fracking and to preserve open space and upgrade storm drains to protect local drinking water and prevent the contamination of our beaches and coastline.

“And Mike was a leader in shaping and securing voter approval of Measure M, which will reduce traffic by 15 percent by investing sales taxes to improve local roads and freeways, synchronize traffic signals, increase bus services and expand light-rail and subways service to more communities. He even instituted a new policy requiring any new development on Sunset Boulevard, including school renovation projects, be designed to reduce traffic along the corridor.

“That is why we — the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters — support him, and so does the Sierra Club, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Supervisor Sheila Kuehl and more than 900 local neighborhood leaders.

“The choice for us is very clear: We support Councilmember Mike Bonin, who stands up for neighborhoods and the environment.

“And we don’t think voters can trust the claims made by Mark Ryavec, who built a career as a lobbyist and hired gun, representing polluters and developers like Donald Trump. Ryavec will say anything to gain power.”

Founded in 1976, the LALCV is dedicated to electing local leadership throughout Los Angeles County to preserve, protect and enhance the environment. LALCV has helped elect more than 100 pro-environment officials throughout the county. LALCV endorsements are determined by its all-volunteer Board, which is composed of Los Angeles County residents committed to advancing environmental priorities.

Media Contact: Shona Ganguly,

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  1. Like his former employer, Donald Trump, Ryavec has a problem with women. He cyber bullied me, Deb Lashever and Karen Wolfe for publicly disagreeing with him on political issues so to get even, sent out a press release with our addresses and photos of our homes and said he would personally give $20 to any homeless person to camp there. I was never afraid of homeless people, but one of his “angry mob” left a death threat and other sweet lovelies left a hate letter in my mail box and a pike of shot behind my back gate. We three women filed charges and the investigation concluded that the cyberbullying was a prosecutable offense and sent the case to the City Attorney.

    The only reason he was r prosecuted is that he was “friends” with Trutanich who got him to take down the addresses and photos instead. He wouldn’t do it when I asked him a called me a crybaby. Sound familiar?

    Then there is the issue of the charges of stalking made by a former live in girlfriend. More about that later.

    Women: #ResistTrump and #ResistRyavec

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