Feed The People Turns 3

3 years of Feeding the houseless on Sunday Nights.

3 years of community support.

Written and photos by Eleuterio Navarro

Thank you to the original members of Occupy Venice for being the genesis of this program, Tudor Popescu, Rob Dew, Mike Chamness, Lydia Ponce, David Busch, Clark Davis, VitoJosepher Convertinai, Deniz Guevarra, Naz HB, Sirgei Agalzoff, Jet P Lab, Vlad Popescu, Stephanie Tratto, I know I’m forgetting many others.
Very Grateful to Food Not Bombs for providing us with monthly rations of Brown Rice and Beans, Tanya Selig and Sabino Portillo, you guys Rock Big time.

Also grateful to Trevino Farms and Tutti Frutti Farms at Santa Monica Farmers market for proving us with low cost organic produce wich we use to cook these wonderful meals and also distribute volunteer students and families in need.

Much gratitude to professor Gillian Grebler From Santa Monica College for enlisting your students to help every semester , also PTK Honor Society and Sustainable Works at Santa Monica College for sending members every week as well, It’s exciting to see young people come out serve their community. Gives me hope for a better tomorrow.

Mike Chamness and Vlad Pospescu 3 years of dedication and support to this program says a lot about your dedication and love to your community.
Mike Vermont is very lucky to have you and Venice will not be same without you.  Mary and Clark Davis,Karen Daniela Rodriguez, Sonja Humes, Sepideh Kashanian, Jenny Wang, Myla Reson and the countless volunteers that I forgot to mention here, Thank You as well!!!

A Special thank you to my star volunteers: Mai Phạm Thanh, Michele Lozano, Wendy Lockett, Joe Cotten for helping me keep things organize and straight, for coming in on Wednesday and Sundays, for staying late to help with clean up when all is done.
Your dedication to this program is truly inspiring.

Joe Cotten if were not for your handy work in keeping the lights running and other handy work needed it would be hard to do. Thank You.
Thank you to Sepideh Kashanian, Julie Mann, and David King for all your behind the scenes support that makes this happen.
Looking forward to see this program evolve and the adventure that awaits us as we make it happen.

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