Dr. Strangelove: Or How I learned to Stop Worrying, and Love All The Nazis Here In Venice

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Eight days after the earth moved in VENICE–while just standing on the sidewalk merely talking to a friend, I was personally screamed at–and then physically threatened by a nut-case: a bi-polar, 220 lb, 30-year-old Trump supporter:

An ignorant–part-time, off-duty security guard–wearing an Iron Cross, and a dirty face, and filthy, dirty, leather.
Who demanded that “Trump has won! You scumbag liberals need to get out of town now… We are taking over!”
Big Nazi–and he was on his way to Subway.
Big Nazi
Just to get enough to eat.

Because he couldn’t get full-time work from anybody. I followed him, and he got even more threatening; and in my face: I confronted him; and demanded he explain himself and he refused. So as he was frothing and threatening–I just turned and walked away.
I walked about 50 yards then turned back, looking him in the eye even from there–and I could see him bulking up again.

I get no government checks–but I had 2 dollars in my pocket. I walked all the way, looking him in the eye–and he staring and bulking up back; I got up to him and gave him an honest friendly smile, paused: pulled the money out; as he was now again screaming and in my face and waving his fists–and said:
“I came back because I have something to give you.”
“If you want it.”
“Here, this is yours.” I revealed the money. And extended it to him–in my hand.
He stopped; and turned pathetically grateful. Really nearly drooling with happiness. And inane with nothing but silly, groveling, gratitude;
“For me?!?”
So holding out the money–in my extended fingers, I said, and now looking at him (with just a little of an honest smirk) “if you’ll take it:”
“From me.”

For I am homeless in Venice also. He drew back–but I smiled calmly and sincerely again–and sincerely said, “No here, I want you to have it,” And he calmed down: smiling, himself; like a kid getting his Halloween candy–and said with his own little bit of a self-satisfied smile, “OK!”

And we talked for the next hour. I urged him to read “A People’s History of the United States.” And a few other things. He’s been homeless since he was 20. He’d read Nietzsche and Mein Kampf.” I’ve seen him twice since; he’s quieted down and very reserved. He acknowledges me, and says he just wants a job. He’s trying hard, really hard, just to get a job–ALL you Venice people. He just wants someone to offer him a JOB. We talked a little more. I tell him how I created my own job for years–organizing foodlines and lived on the street and gone to jail; after quitting my “job” in maintenance for the City. And that I have still gotten everything I need since. I don’t think he will threaten me again. I think he is now thinking about his way a little bit more.
As he is out here now homeless–since he’s been 20.
And looking for a job here.

Meanwhile, this is my own proof that hate everywhere now is not just being hyped. They are feeling unleashed. Even in Venice. And we now know–even in the White House’s inner circle. And I have experienced it personally. As already many others here in Venice.
It’s a fact–and kids in high schools and middle-school playgrounds–are already horrifically at it–all over America now too.
But yeah, Soros is paying them too, right?

It has begun. And now, the OTHER FACT IS that on DEC 19th stopping 270 votes is the simplest thing that can stop it and save at least this next generation of Americans from living their lives under the open bragging of racists and fascism.

Friends, we must do everything we can to uphold the real law on Dec 19–and in the most powerful, and courageous, acts of love and peaceful Democracy and just law; and in the name of a justly upheld and finally rightly interpreted Constitution–stop it. There are many efforts to do this. You MUST participate in it: And as a part of this, also we must ALL urge and support all electors–who will, as a first step, to now stand against ANY AND ALL open racists in the White House–at the very least abstain from voting for Trump or Pence on Dec 19th.

For We must know all their names on Dec 19th. And they must know that we know them;
And the eyes of all in the earth are on them that day.
And that we will never give up and follow them everywhere to stop them.
And we will never forget.
And we must vow now–to keep the White House EMPTY until we do.

WE MUST REFUSE ANY ACCESS WHATSOEVER TO THE WHITE HOUSE TO ANYBODY who now refuses to denounce all fascism and racism before they enter the White House–and has been granted the lawful recognition of the majority of all the people of this country–that they believe that person at that word. How dare even a Republican, of “the Party of Lincoln” with any pride, or respect for even his own Party, allow a President or Vice President to get their Electoral College vote: who refuses to denounce the KKK; or will build a wall, or even advocate deporting ANY undocumented person–without this nation first imprisoning and stripping of its “Citizenship” any and every so-called “CITIZEN” or CORPORATION that, for even one minute enslaved a person for ANY labor; and without giving them all their equal rights, opportunity, medical care, and minimum wages.
Let, until then justice prevail: let any and all deportations begin with the “Citizens” here: who broke THEIR law; rather than the shivering exploited strangers who come-and came here–and took and take on servitude with no rights; just to escape their exploitation and lack of their right to the full human dignity and rights and equal opportunity of that of any CITIZEN of this COUNTRY anywhere elsewhere.

And let us demand–the end of all forms of borders and banks and monetary systems here that are an impediment to that fundamental characteristic of freedom and a democratic society, or any so-called “nation” of “democratic” “laws.”
And lest you believe this is not possible–or that the majority of the people of America do not ALREADY embrace this–and have done so for over a Hundred and Twenty-nine years ALREADY–then read the book:

Looking Backward.
The most widely read novel of all time in America–for all of 100 years. And the single most important founding book of the modern US labor movement.
My dude, they, these terrified children of ours–are certainly not faking it. No matter how much you scrutinize and deny what is now right in front of us These children around this nation are not creating fake news. They are already living it. And for alls sake, We Must Stop Racism in the White House On Dec 19.

(not-the-editor’s note: the following petition is expired)

TO DO THIS–This petition below needs your witness NOW: It needs you to spread it NOW:
Every person in this nation must at the very least sign this now: your children; your wife; the guy who delivers your amazon package; the undocumented gardner in your yard.
It has gotten over 4 million signatures already. IT is the largest single petition out there already. And it must rightly have 20 million–from all of us–at least by December 19th.
Have you signed it? What have you signed?

What have you done to stop the horror of December 19th?

AND BELIEVE ALL WHO SIGN THIS: BETTER To support afterwards–the impeachment of Hillary Clinton-or any republican whatsoever, that the house may seek to somehow next appoint, rather than let these electors crown these racists and fascists:

Donald Trump, and Mike Pence, now on December 19.
A day that will be the beginning.
Or the end of this candle.
And just to let folks know–I never panhandle.


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