1984-2017- THE END OF THE WORLD!

by Moishe Farblondjet
TIMELINE 2017- During Donald Dump’s Presidential inauguration massive demonstrations take place. Secretary of State Rudy calls out the troops. A phony coup is staged and martial law is declared. All dissidents are rounded up. Secretary of Communications Sarah speaks on all media that TV, radio, the press and computers are now taken over for our own good. The banks are nationalized. Hillary, Bernie, Obama and other liberal leaders are arrested and given lobotomies and forced on TV to declare their allegiance to our fearless leader Drumph. 1984 was just a little late. Guantanamo is enlarged and all liberal leaders are relocated there for their own safety. All Muslims are deported. All non White illegal aliens are forced into work camps to build the great wall. Pot smokers are sent to re-programing camps and given shock treatments. Terrorist acts give the Donald an excuse to nuke all Muslims in the Middle East and we seize their oil. The Attorney General and other racists on his cabinet get the Donald to vaporize Africa to get rid of inferior races. All Latin America below the great wall is forced into slavery and birth control and sterilization chemicals are put in their food and water. Europe is taken over by fascists and all non pure Whites are sent to the newly renovated Nazi concentration camps- “Arbeiten Mackt Zu Frei”. Our courageous fearless leader and his best pal Putin together take out N. Korea, India and Pakistan with H-bombs. Wide scale riots occur in California and N.Y. and troops are sent in. L.A., San Francisco and N.Y.C. are bombed leaving millions dead and starving. An attempted assassination of the Donald prompts him to suspend the Constitution and all civil rights. Blacks and Jews are forced into walled and guarded ghettos where sterilization and starvation takes place. Manzanar and other camps are reopened to house Asians. Michael Moore, Jon Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel, Alec Baldwin and Stephen Colbert are publicly hanged on TV. The Donald has Rosie O’Donnell electrocuted saying she is too fat to hang and personally pulls the switch on TV while yelling, “You’re fired!”. There is an accidental on purpose H-bomb dropped on Israel. We and Russia attack China together. Israel and China fire their missiles and Donald’s mad generals convince him to first strike Russia and then Putin fires his missiles. The Donald runs to his underground bomb shelter with the Sports Illustrated bikini girls and Putin runs to his bomb shelter with a bunch of Russian hookers. Both soon die from sexual exhaustion and over use of Viagra. The cockroaches inherit the earth… The End.

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