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Brendon Glenn

LA settles federal lawsuit in the shooting of Brendon Glenn for four million dollars. Venice Attorney James DeSimone, representing Glenn’s mother Sheri Camprone said: ”This will bring some sense of closure to the family of Brendon Glenn. They will never get over his tragic death. It still seems surreal to the family. Every time I speak with Sheri it’s very difficult for her.

Venice Business Improvement District approved by special voting district and the LA City Council.
After the City Clerk denied the last Venice Business Improvement District for failing to listen to community opposition, this time the objections were listened to and then promptly ignored. The proposal was approved by vote of those included in the district and then approved by the LA City Council, despite many objections by residents, and businesses within the district.

Planning Commission’s Ruling Denies the Office/Retail Project for the Venice Boardwalk at Sunset.

Dear Friends of Venice and opponents of the proposed 601 Ocean Front Walk Office Project,
The proposed office/retail project for the Venice Boardwalk at Sunset Ave was denied by the West LA Planning Commission on September 7th, reversing a Zoning Administrator’s earlier approval of the project. Recently, on November 10th the Commission issued its Determination Letter defending its Sept. 7th vote to Deny. The Letter is strongly worded and hopefully difficult to challenge in court. The developer now has 90 days to file a legal challenge.
The Commission denied the project on grounds that it was out of scale with the neighborhood, the cumulative impact from build-out along Speedway and Ocean Front Walk had not been considered, further measures were needed to mitigate the congestion and traffic, and development for primarily office uses was inappropriate for the Venice Boardwalk in a “Community Commercial” zone.
Let us know if you would like a copy of the Commission’s Determination Letter.
Some folks on this e-mail list are closely involved in opposing the project while others including visitors from far away just signed a letter of opposition. Regardless, the breadth and depth of outcry was an important factor in our victory, and we thank you all.