The Election from Hell

by Eric Ahlberg

Most Venice Voters are depressed and angry. The core of Venice voted 90% for Hillary Clinton. You have to go several miles away from Venice to find a precinct that voted less than 70% for Hillary, and even farther to find the few districts in LA County where Donald Trump won. We live in a super-liberal bubble. Across the country Democrats were more popular in cities, and the most populated metropolitan areas.

This campaign has seen the scale of fake news, factoids, and disinformation grow exponentially. Teams of Social Networkers flood online news and Facebook feeds with paid political porn. The innuendo of corruption, black ops, racism, classism, and sexism. It was, to use The Daily Show’s appelation, the victory of Bullshit Mountain. It proved that if you lie long enough and long enough, and with generous funding, you can fool enough of the people, some of the time.
Has fascism taken over the US Government?

Unfortunately there is a good argument that it has.

It is heartening to see many governors and Mayors re-assuring their people that there will not cooperation with a war on Muslims, Jews, and immmigrants.
Now the mainstream news media, which had expressed some outrage at the racist, sexist, classist, anti-immigrant pronouncements of Herr Trump, is trying to blame the fake news on Russia and the Alternative Media. This is laughable because the mainstream media is the source of the fake news that led to the Vietnam War and The Iraq War, as well as many other injustices and wars.
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