Please Help Save the historical IRVING TABOR homes at 605 Westminster, an important piece of the black history of Venice.

More Good News : Venice
History Will Be Saved – Come to Thursday’s Hearing

This is Even Better News!
Office of Historic Resources has recommended that the Cultural Commission support our nomination and consider it at Thursday’s hearing. (Staff Report)

We need your support.
We need everyone to take Action. We must convince the Cultural Heritage Commission and also the owner of the property who is hesitant to support it. We need to get our letters of support to the Commission and show up to the hearing on THURSDAY, MAY 18. We are the last project of nine to be heard. We should arrive by 11 am.



Write that letter now about this wonderful property, the role that Irvin Tabor and his family had in the founding of Venice.
Here is a simple note of support. Feel free to add to it:
Dear Commissioners,
I wish to register my support that 605-607 West Minster Ave. be designated as a Historic Cultural Monument. I was involved with the community action in favor of this on March third. It is important that we preserve the legacy of Irvin Tabor and the African-American community’s contribution to the history of Venice.

[Address or Venice resident]
Letters of support should be e-mailed to (CAN USE THE LETTER attached (Click HERE) or write your own personal letter of support (click HERE).


Come to the Meeting and Speak! We need Venetians interested in their history. We need Oakwood neighbors who grew up knowing about the Tabors or not knowing and glad to be supporting this nomination. We need to tell them that there is more Venice History to be saved and you will be here again. If you need a ride, we will arrange it.

(please come no later than 11 am)
City Hall, Room 1060
200 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles 90012

Please let us know if you are attending and is you need or can give a ride.

3. Tell Everyone. Get them to come to the meeting. Carpool. WE CAN HELP. IT IS JUST THAT IMPORTANT THAT WE GET OUR COMMUNITY TO SHOW.

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As Jataun says, We are doing this so “That future generations should know and learn about how it was.”

We are so close.


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