Psalm Isadora (1974 – 2017) – Poem

Psalm Isadora (1974 – 2017)
Tribute by Vessy Mink

She was a Wild one
She was a Good one
She was a True one
She was You.
She was a Brave one
She was a Free one
Now she’s All Brand New
She is the Fire & the Sky
She is the Light Inside your Eyes
She is the Goddess & the Key
The truest Harmony
She was a Dear one
Seeing Clear one
Why we came
To do what we do.
She was a Mother and a Friend
She was a Sister God-Send
She is the Lotus in the night
Forever Blooming her love light
She was the Magic in the storm
Healing power now Reborn
She is the Fire & the Sky
She is the Light inside your Eyes
She is the Prayer & the Beat
The Dancing rhythm of your feet
When you move upon the sand
Emanating all the grand
Psalm Isadora Queen of Hearts
Loving Maiden from the start
Golden soul upon the shores
Gifted poet of the Moors
Spirit Angel Loving Light
Truest bearer of the Night
Sage & Secret Mystery
Quiet exit to the Sea
Bathed in all it is we are
Singing brightly Mega Star
Shining everlasting light
Into the endless night.

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