marty liboff

Ants marching in straight lines- OBEY!
Off to work in lines of cars
Off to war in lines of tanks
Ants all dressed the same
Look alike and CONFORM!
You must not have an original thought
Don’t stand out in the crowd of ants
Be a good ant and walk in rows
All alike and think alike
Wear you suit and cut your hair-
carry your briefcase and laptop to work
Wear your uniform and cut your hair-
carry your gun and bombs to war
Be a good ant
A proper ant
Believe the lies and propaganda
March to school and sit in rows
March to work and sit in rows
A cell phone, wallet and credit card
so you know who you are
and where you are-
Our Fearless Leader ant may march us
into cans of Raid, Bug Bombs, Ant powder
But we must follow orders!
March in step
Be a good, upstanding ant
Don’t question-OBEY!
Marching in lines to oblivion
Marching in lines to Hell and brimstone
and never forget-
God Bless Antmerica!

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