Roger Houston Poem.

04:55 Friday, April 21st, 2017, # 19, Lord Byron Apartments ….. The silence gently whispers in the dark. A mockingbird is napping. Let him lurk. Awakened this pre-dawn. Koreatown. Pale light beams south. From Griffith. I postpone. A mockingbird awakens. I can hear. Begins his pre-dawn set. What does he care? He entertains the neighborhood all night. Still blasting out his song by morning light. For now. The dog and I inhale night air. South of the one-o-one. We both are here. Both stabilized this moment. The unknown. Remains mysterious. This twilight zone. Stays open twenty-four. And so. We park. We listen to the set played in the dark ….. Roger Houston, missing Venice

Categories: Poetry