I imagine in this world
There are places of silence
Peaceful, serene
No sign of violence,
Maybe the sound
Of nature to ponder,
Is out there,
Way out yonder…

But not from my corner
Of life where I’m living,
Rife with the noise
Of everyday minion…
And I might go crazy,
If I let it bother
The decibel level
Exceeds any standard…

Small craft Airplanes,

rumble overhead.
Sounds of scratchy raking,
Leaf blowers blowing at 6 am
The racket here is deafening.
Radio stations blare the beat,
Engines clank, N tires screech,
power tools, grinding, obbligato.

TVs blasting throughout the day…
then I hear a hubbub
shouting…slamming doors!

yelling ‘I’m gonna put you away’…

Lawn mowers put-ting, hammers hit the head

all in the name of progress…
police and fire trucks and an ambulance to the scene…

Helicopters circle,

the criminal fleeing…

12 gang motorcycles race around
A dog is barking out of control
the owner Yells… God dammit NO
Someone singing…a little off key…
Adele; ‘Hello’…

A baby having his daily cry.
the grating cacophony of Jets in the sky
Wind chimes tinkle in the trees…
4 different languages
Yell from the street,
English, Spanish
Persian, Chinese…

The cats are meowing…
Birds of variety tweet,
A car pulls up, someone gets out
And revs the engine as he leaves…

The city tried to get an ordnance
but nobody listened to that
too busy making noise themselves…

to give shit
about any of it!
in the midst,
My ears could bleed,

for some much needed quiet and a semblance of peace…

But instead, I’m drenched,
In gratitude,

It’s all in the change of attitude!

from my desk by the Window,
the Din from my Den, My Ears are Ringing…
While Taking it all in….
These glorious sounds of life
letting me know, loudly as possible
That I am well and alive.!!!

(This is the complete version, the version printed in the June 2017 Beachhead was truncated – oops!)

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