Unfadeable to the Ignorance

Unfadeable to the Ignorance

By Mike Sonksen aka “Mike The Poet”

In spite of prevailing fear and division in the state of the union
We are unabashed and unaffiliated with unethical living
We are unbreakable, unfadeable, unavailable to the prevailing fear
trying to strangle what is beautiful
We are unrelatable to the sickness, unattainable to wickedness,
we denounce your labels
We are unscalable, you cannot climb these tables
We are unphasable to your walls, no one is illegal
We are not unreasonable, we are unbelievable builders of bridges
We are unhinged in our vision, we are unbending
when it comes to decisions connected to citizens
We unlabel religion because we are all God’s children
We are unabashed in our love, unaffiliated with the fuzz
We are unbound to borders, unclouded in what we denounce,
We will not shut up
We are uncensored in the cut, unrelenting in the quest for justice,
we sing for Sandra Bland, we elevate Eric Garner, we remember Trayvon Martin
We believe Black Lives Matter, these are not alternative facts
We understand the American tradition is the lie of innocence,
We unsubscribe to the lie of the civil war that attempted to transform
enslavement into benevolence
We are unappeased to the powers that be
We can’t unhear their lack of sympathy for Black citizens killed by police
Or the two Indian-born engineers shot in Kansas City
Or the dozens of bomb threats on Jewish community centers
or the unconstitutional travel ban of immigrants
We can’t unhear the silence of so many, the unrepentant violence is too much
This is why we will not shut up
Remember that we are supposed to be the country of “give me your tired,
your poor, your weak,”
We are supposed to be the land of the free and an international sanctuary
though the reality is more like an imperial presidency
And so WE the people must forge new histories aligned with equality
Because WE the people are not the enemy
The future is unpaved and unmapped, we are unsatisfied with the past
We are unabashed in our quest to remake the world
Our activism is not blasphemy, it is the original spirit that started
this country
We are not on the wrong side of history
It is this confidence in true justice and what is righteous that empowers us
This is why we are uncensored, unbreakable, unfadeable to the ignorance

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