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There is a large affordable housing project being proposed for Venice. There was a community discussion about the project on June 23 at the Israel Levin Senior Center. Members of the Venice Community Housing Corporation presented the plans for 136 affordable units on Pacific Ave. between N. Venice Blvd. and S. Venice Blvd. east to Dell Ave. Becky Dennison the executive director of Venice Community Housing Corporation spoke and answered questions along with Linda Lucks and others from the group.

Their plan is to build 68 units for formerly homeless individuals and families, 34 units for low-income artists and 34 units for lower wage people. There will be a community art space and rooftop green space gardens. Around the front and canal side will be retail commercial shops. Much of the land will go to 188 public parking spaces. The apartments will be three stories with a limit of 36 feet high. There will be a mix of studio and 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Sadly there are no plans for homeless storage or safe parking for people living in their vehicles.

Becky said that there will be more public meetings about this project and design. She thinks it may take a year or more to get an O.K. on the project and probably another 2 years to get it built and finished. There is no waiting list for renters as of yet since the project has a long way to go. After the project is on its way there will be sign up lists at local community organizations.

Unfortunately the project design has about over half of the land for parking. Becky said that the parking is a requirement and she would’ve liked to have seen more space going for housing. Becky was very helpful and thoughtful. My thoughts were that many seniors and poor people don’t have cars. If most of the parking space is utilized for more housing then they could probably get three times or more units in this large area. Also, why couldn’t at least a few spaces be used for houseless safe parking and storage? We tear down paradise and put up another parking lot.

Venice Community Housing already manages 216 units of affordable housing on the West side and has programs for the homeless and job training for young people aged 18-24. Their offices are at 720 Rose Ave.,Venice. Their phone number is 310 399-4100. Please send comments and questions about this project to; venicedellpacific