Elder Abuse


Update on my wheel chair saga!nursing_homes2.png

I was cited with my second  and again have no idea as to why?!

I was riding in my wheel chair to the dining room for lunch this past week, and my chair was not working correctly, so I drove it very slowly. I had asked for a wheel chair specialist but was ignored. I ate in the dining room and upon finishing, I raised my hand, to again ask for a specialist who could help me and again, was ignored. Finally a worker approached me, and I asked for a rehab specialist because I needed help with my wheelchair. She said “Let me help you!” She started punching buttons on the chair and I said “Do not touch my wheel chair!” and she continued to try, so I decided to just leave the dining area. I started to move away and I made a left turn to go out the back door. I went back to my room, again VERY slowly, because the chair was not working right.

Sometime later, the social worker came to my room and informed me that I had been cited for trying to run someone over with my wheelchair. This never happened.
The next day, the rehab worker did come to my room, finally, and said he understood I thought the chair needed maintenance, but that he has asked that department, and they feel the chair is fine as is.
No one has looked at the chair.
No one has checked the chair.

I am told this chair could cost as much at $17,000! Am I not entitled to any maintenance or repair, for at least a year, if only to appease me?

If I were in New Mexico and I was working with Oppenhemier on a project I am not going to ask Joe Smith to speak to him for me, I want to speak directly to Oppenhemier. I asked to speak to the rehab dept. about my wheel chair and while the workers may want to be helpful, they don’t know what they are doing and could cause further issues with this complicated electronic machine I depend on.
They have tried to help me with my tv in my room and have only made the problem worse.

This will be explored more in depth when I next discuss the loss of privacy that living in this Shangri-La for the aged creates for an inquisitive, thoughtful human being.


Sara Omari

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