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Days of Rage 2017  Starts Tomorrow!


Los Angeles is in an out of control eviction crisis. In the past year alone, homelessness has risen 23%—2,000 more are expected to be on the streets by the end of 2017. As thousands face displacement and are forced to relocate to new cities, countless others live in overcrowded homes experiencing neglect and abuse by city officials and landlords. Our nightmare is the result of corrupt property owners, predatory developers, and a city government that wants to sell out our communities for profit. From this landscape, a renters rights movement has formed. We stand against the racist and classist forced removal of our communities and we are here to stay! From October 19th – 29th, renters from across the city will come together for eleven days to tell the city we’ve had ENOUGH! NO MORE EVICTIONS! HOUSING RIGHTS FOR ALL!

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In the coming weeks, each Los Angeles Tenants Union local and our allies will conduct a “Day of Rage” action to draw attention to the different aspects of neglect, abuse, and injustice wrought by landlords, developers, and officials in Los Angeles and beyond. If you believe housing is a human right, join us for the DAYS OF RAGE!

Days of Rage Calendar

Gilbert Lindsey Plaza, 1201 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles 90015 (Convention Center). Walk over to LA Convention Center at 11:00 AM by West Hall A.

Join LATU at the big “million dollar” trade show and landlording conference for a press conference outside this opportunistic celebration of tenants’ struggles. Join us as we remind those who would exploit our city that we are not there to “stuff their mailboxes full of money.” Join us as we make it clear that we are not prey for vultures and are here to stay!

767 California Avenue, Venice 90291
Come join us on the Westside as we protest and combat an abusive landlord

Action: 3610 Samuel Ave, Oxnard 93033
Assemble at 10:30 AM: 767 California Avenue, Venice 90291
Join the action and community gathering to talk about the housing crisis in Oxnard that we can defeat if we organize!

We will walk from Seabreeze apartments to Kamala park to gather and distribute housing rights information and share about our experiences in organizing. We will also explore the question, what can we do instead of calling the police when there are neighborhood problems.


ONE LAST QUESTION: Do you have trouble getting to our meetings? Don’t hesitate to coordinate rides – email Ben Nicholson if you need to schedule transportation.
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