Where’s the Beachhead?

You may have noticed that the November Beachhead is nowhere to be found.  That’s not completely true because I am sure the DHS has found it on my computer.  The strait up deal is that we need more money, to keep giving you what we got.  We have the alternative left view about what is going on in our little burg by the sea, within the bigger picture of our community in the world, and within the heads of it’s progressive writers and their neighbors.  We are here to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.  We are advocacy journalism.  This Paper Is A Poem.

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While we have a good set of regular writer-contributors, and while we have a solid core of sustainers, it is not quite enough to meet our monthly expenses, which are primarily for printing and postage. We need someone to do the fundraising, subscription and sustainer fulfillment, and advertising outreach.  You can make a commission from selling ads.

For me, I used to be shy towards journalism because it wasn’t poetry. And then I realized that the events that I covered in essays that became journalism were actually great because they inspired me, and they became my muse.  – Alice Walker





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