Civil Rights

March for Humanity on MLK’s Birthday!

MONDAY, JANUARY 15 @ 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM – Western and MLK Jr. Blvd. Los Angeles.25358626_1524413434262687_5820033967630961282_o

Martin Luther King Jr. Coalition of Greater LA in partnership with the Poor People’s campaign will be marching for Human Rights Issues in the Los Angeles Kingdom Day Parade.  Healthy California Campaign coalition have been asked to join them as they march the route. Let’s show our solidarity and join the Kingdom Day 33rd Annual Parade spreading the message of Healthcare for All & SB562 the HealthyCA Act.

Parade Start Point: Western and MLK Jr. Blvd. Los Angeles. Meet up point to be determined.  Please RSVP  to the FB event page so we know how many participants will attend.

Show your determination to resist police brutality, war, anti-Black, anti-Brown, anti-Muslim, anti-Indigenous and anti-Immigrant hatred, attacks on women, the LGBT communities, the poor, the homeless, the elderly, working people, youth and the environment!

Mark one full year of mass resistance to the Trump regime’s efforts to roll back civil and human rights across the board in the interests of racism and corporate power!
Join with the Martin Luther King Coalition of Greater Los Angeles and other civil and human rights advocates in expressing our on-going commitment to establishing and maintaining full social, economic and political justice for all!

Help us to alert our communities, at large, to the coming of the New Poor People’s Campaign and Moral Revival Movement this spring! More details will be posted soon!
— MLK Coalition Coordinating Committee.

Endorsing organizations to date:

MLK Coalition of Greater Los Angeles, Global Women’s Strike, Military Families Speak Out, Veterans for Peace LA, Topanga Peace Alliance, San Fernando Valley Peace Alliance, LA Laborfest, SoCal350, Common Peace, Center for the Advancement of Nonviolence, CODEPINK, Peace and Freedom Party Los Angeles.

The MLK Coalition’s Justice Agenda for 2018 includes the following:

1. End Excessive Use of Police Force: Prosecute Killer Cops (Black Lives Matter!)

2. End Mass Incarceration and Criminalization of Communities of Color: We Want Education, Not Mass Incarceration!

3. Healthcare Access for ALL: We Support Medicare, Medicaid, Single Payer Healthcare and Expanded Public Health Services!

4. Decent and Affordable Housing for ALL: Expand Rent Controls; End Gentrification, Displacement & Homelessness in Our Communities!

5. Defend the Civil and Human Rights Gains of Communities of Color, Women, and LGBTQ People. Defend the Sovereignty, Cultural and Treaty Rights of Native Americans. Massive and Immediate Aid and Reconstruction Assistance to the Island of Puerto Rico. Adopt a Just Immigration Policy — End ICE Raids and Deportations of Immigrants!

6. New Jobs, New energy and A New Economy: Fight Global Warming and Climate Distortions, End Fossil Fuel Dependence, Support A Massive Public Investment in Energy Conversion and Jobs for a Green Economy!

7. Tax the Corporations: Reverse the Republican Tax Grab!

8. Raise the Minimum Wage in the Marketplace, Establish A National Minimum Family Income Policy: Defend Workers’ Rights In the Workplace and in the Community — Recognize the Value of Domestic Care, Child-Rearing, Labor in the Home as well as Labor in the Marketplace.

9. Abolish war and militarism, in all its manifestations, both at home and abroad.
If your organization would like to participate or endorse this event please post directly on this event page or send a private message to Kathleen Hernandez on Facebook.