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In October of 2017, I was on an outing with the other residents of this facility. Midway through the trip I seemed to have lost consciousness.

I awoke in a strange small room, and as it turns out it was the UCLA Medical Center. I did not understand where I was or how I got there.

I still do not know why I was sent there! I asked repeatedly to have the doctor contact me to discuss what happened. I have surmised, through the help of one of my trusted nurses, that I lost a lot of blood, though I don’t know why.

I believe I was there about 11 days. Someone contacted my daughter who took a picture of me while she visited, and it shows me with tubes in my nose and IVs in both of my arms.

I am grateful to have survived!
Though I do not understand many things.

In February of 2108, something similar happened. This time I was sent to another hospital. I was chilled and had a fever. It had no diapers, or none that were available to me. I think I lasted there about 12 days.

I made a request to speak to a doctor about what had happened, and after months of waiting, a doctor came to my room and explained in about 30 seconds, that I had been sick and had lost a lot of blood. He explained it was best “not to dwell on it too much and focus on my recovery.” His visit was short and to the point.

Since the recovery, I have been moved to another floor and I have even been able to go outside, smell the flowers, feel the sun on me and hear the birds sing.

Yes, I have omitted a lot of flora and fauna from this story but overall, I SEEM to be doing well.

The manager of the detailia at this facility is a wonderful and helpful man but he has just been transferred to another floor and it is a great loss to me. He is from Ireland and speaks so beautifully. It is so hard to understand many of the people who work here and as I have said the change-over is constant. There are new workers nearly every week.

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper.
Isaiah 54:17

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