Marty Liboff


– marty liboff (sung to a reggae beat)

Troubles here, there and everywhere.
A troubled time, a troubled mind
a world gone blind.
Troubles all around me
more and more troubles I see.
Troubles we all share
pain and suffering we all bear.
Trouble and more trouble
troubles come on the double.
Troubles all around the world
tossed into hell we’re hurled.
Troubles in the streets
babies die with nothing to eat.
Troubles at work and even at home
no place to go, hide or roam.
Troubles with poverty and homelessness
heartless rulers with greed and selfishness.
Troubles even in the churches and schools
we have lost the Golden Rules.
Troubles of wars and rumors of wars
a nuclear missile soars.
Mother Earth is troubled, poisoned and dying
while crooked politicians are always lying.
Troubles with sickness and tears
troubles with Life, terror and fears.
Troubles make you feel bad and sad
troubles can make you feel had and mad.
Troubles in my heart and soul
loneliness takes its toll.
Troubles even in our sleep and dreams
what we’re told is never what it seems.
Troubles may get you down
wish you were buried underground.
Troubles go from bad to worse
we all end up in the back of a hearse.
So even when troubles fall on the double
we must rise like a Phoenix from the rubble.
A troubled body grows weak
enlightenment we need to seek.
Troubles but try and help others along the way
you’ll find love and support and want to stay.
Troubles along our path
try love and not wrath.
Troubles can make you sad and blue
but it’s really Life you have to get used to.
We’re all just trying to find our way
troubles but keep loving every day…

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