By Henry Rosebudsbooks-paul-krassner

Ms. Suzy Williams and Mr. Gerry Fialka of Venice, and Mr. Hank Rosenfeld of Ocean Park, visited Ms. Nancy Cain and Mr. Paul Krassner, one-time Venice residents, now of San Something Avenue in Desert Hot Springs. (Where the weather is more to their liking?)

The friends met on Sunday to fete Krassner and Ram Dass, who share an April birthdate. For Paul, it was number 86.

“86 is the new 84,” he observed wryly.

The elder by a year, Ram Dass was unable to attend the desert soiree, as he resides in Lahaina, Hawai’i.

Cain, a founding member of the pioneering ’60s video collective, “Videofreex,” charmed the get-together with readings from her recent memoir, Video Days. Krassner, a founding member in 1967 (with Mr. Abbie Hoffman*) of the Youth International Party** shared infinite, court-jester comicalities from the satirical magazine he founded all by himself in 1958, The Realist.

Fialka asked questions— as is his wont (per his predilection)— like: “Why be a satirist?”

“I wanted to share my stories with other people,” replied the happy warrior/octogenarian. Bob Dylan, Happy Traum, Frank Zappa were conjured, in tales too mutinously true to share here.

Krassner & Cain are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary this month. Fialka asked the countercultural revolutionaries how they keep hope alive.

“You know the other person is going to be on your side,” explained one.

“And we love each other,” persisted the other.


Everybody got a little meshuge on birthday cake: Ralph’s nine-dollar chocolate swirl red velvet chocolate. Time for goodbyes, while the going was good. Sending the visitors on their grateful way: cherce ridicules re King Idiot (too punitive to repeat here), followed by a tour of the local sump pump.

* * *
Intrepid traveler advice: Register at the Hotel Funky, soaking in lukewarm “mineral” pools, to wash away a trip through the desert in a Honda with no name. Turn on KAKZ “4.1” Cathedral City. See ten-minute harangues by the station owner to, “Boycott Spectrum! They won’t carry my channel!” The programming? The owner’s own childhood favorites: Betty Boop, Superman, racist movies (“Everybody clazy!”) featuring Keye Luke…

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet! ***

Ricky, 10: He threw me in the shower!

Harriet, 43(!): Did you throw your brother in the shower?

Dave, 14: Yeah, but I did it carefully.

HR: Try “Mute.” Funnier, dirtier dialogue of your own making may occur!

* * *
Sunday night in Pioneertown, beloved Venice resident Vessy Mink (now residing in Lake in the Hills, Illinois) is set to perform at Pappy & Harriet’s! Then, due to an egregious error, Vessy plays in the picnic pavilion behind the infamous high desert honky-tonk.

Everyone from Venice, and beyond, continue to miss her beautiful songs…

On Monday, Ms. Williams, and Messrs.’ Fialka and Rosenfeld, took an interesting trip to the local landfill and, upon returning to Venice, found everything fine and dandy, thank you for asking.

* Of blessed memory
** Yippies!
*** To stream: