alan rodman
An injury to one is an injury to all. Let us be ones who rise up for some mistreated or forgotten child, and hold a thought for those barred from hope and those taken away. Xianna, disappeared child, was a trusting hungry frightened innocent very young person. Wrongs call for an answer.

Her name remembered with the names of all victims of violence and poverty can mean there may one day be an end to injustice for the helpless and an end to the infliction of misery.

Every child born has a right to be safe. Every woman has a right to be free from harm and to govern her own body. Let us each care for and keep near all these vulnerable people as we too would wish to receive care.

If there is cruelty, we ourselves may answer the world through our gentleness. If some will be terrible, let far more of us be ever more wonderful toward the small and the meek. There is One Life that we all live. We are each the child of a mother.

We can allow ourselves to be better angels every day — to act tenderly toward each of our sisters and brothers, even difficult folks and the helpless.

Especially we may find a moment to give to children, as one day soon we and our world may find ourselves in need of an innocent child’s own great compassion. Bless the earth and all creatures in peace

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