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Q: If you had a time machine that could travel into the past, what era would you visit?
A:Hmmm. +Anywhere? Advance scouting would be helpful, history is notoriously inaccurate, and locals may be thuggish. The honored guest of an ancient “High” Civilization’s great Artist. Nice RPG.
Sent 9:06 AM
Q:If you could wake up tomorrow having gained a new ability, which would it be?
A:Make people chill, open their hearts, and do the right thing for each other.
Sent 9:07 AM
Q:What is your dream getaway vacation?
A:Intergalactic space time cruise.
Sent 9:08 AM
Q:Is there at least one person currently walking the earth that you would like to punch in the face?
A:Physical Violence is not effective except for selling movies to audience told they must repress aggressiveness, while going for it, and fighting off evil aliens with moral conviction and superpowers. i.e.MCU.
Sent 9:12 AM
Q:Do you enjoy alone time?
A:Yes because I don’t have to go anywhere to have fun, i am fun.
Sent 9:14 AM

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  1. Q:
    Do you consider yourself a dominant person in your personal life?
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    If you had one day left to live, how would you spend it?
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    How twisted is your sense of humor?
    Sent 6:58 PM
    Be honest, what are you most afraid of?
    Sent 6:58 PM
    Which scenario is most nerve-racking?