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by Mike Bravo

Vexit | venice CA

Naming a project after a failed European social movement that amplified racism is a sure way to align yourself with failure. Speaking of fails, an entertaining incident happened on social media a few weeks ago..

A promotional video about Vexit was made by a talented young videographer who’s been chronicling his daily creative adventures. In excited spirit he made a video titled “They Are Changing Venice” ( which highlighted the recent Vexit hype. However, the very next day in a disappointed, perhaps even upset tone, he made a follow up video titled “I Screwed Up” ( which amended the misinformation he had shared (by no fault of his own) in the Vexit video the day before.

Apparently he saw the VNC secretary speaking about Vexit on one of the many desperate news installments about the topic. He admitted he was not fully aware of the dynamics involving Vexit but was impressed by what he thought was a “new” and cool idea. From there he contacted VNC Secretary Melissa Diner which in turn connected him with Venice Cityhood Committee to make the video.

The video touched on the Vexit “Town Hall Meeting” from a couple months ago and reiterated all the usual surface impressive bullet points. The video also noted the proponents of Vexit are not looking to change the culture of Venice and “are working hard to ensure that the community has better, friendlier, and a lot more access to its community.” A sentiment hard to believe since we have yet to see any of them supporting causes heartfelt by the Black & Brown community in Venice and seem to be close with people who consistently subvert our voices and social equity efforts. Admittingly, the video was an initially compelling video and if I was devoid of critical thinking skills and lacked a social justice radar I would have drank the kool-aid too.

Of course, that same day the video got immediate community feedback challenging some of the misleading statements in the video. The main critiques being that the “Town Hall” was more akin to an infomercial than a community discussion and that, in fact, the community did not get to communicate their thoughts and concerns..all of which is true.

The very next day, in impeccable character, the videographer made a new video retracting the misinformation in the Vexit video. When you watch it you will note the music is more dramatic and the tone of his video more upset and declarative, a definite contrast from the video before. His new video was titled “I Screwed Up” but really, he wasn’t the one who screwed up. The onus is on the organizers promoting it to be more skillful and/or honest in what that event was, it was a business presentation promoting Venice’s secession from the City of Los Angeles.

I must admit it was very amusing to watch it all go down. The first video with the misinformation was being shared all over social media by Vexit promoters and garnered lots of praise from their mostly non-native Venetian peers. They were flying high when the first video came out but when the second video dropped the next day it was like the social media version of the vinyl record screech stopping the music at a party. Safe to say I don’t think they shared that second video with their audience.


Vexit Townhall Video from April:

The above video is from the Neighborhood Council.

NTE – NOTE: The Free Venice Beachhead used to endorse secession from LA, we still think it could be a good idea, if done right, and not in the control of the commercial property interests.

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