50th Anniversary Beachhead Bacchanal

Monday December 31, at Beyond Baroque.

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7pm Socialist Hour Mingle, Tingle, Lobby
8pm Poets and Singers
9:40 awards/blessings
10:00-1 The Beachheaders

We have added some performers since the December issue was printed.  Notably Kristina Olsen, Karl Abrams, Jim Smith, Rob Mullins, Carol Chaiken.

The Free Venice Beachhead is published by a volunteer collective of artists in Venice. We invest our time thinking about crafting our Beachheads, obtaining sustainer dollars, and discussing the issues of our compassionate community, of our world. Our party is a stone soup event, which is to say half structured and half anarchy. So bring your favorite ingredients and dishes, and invest yourself in this path of service.
Write for us about what you care about. Even the most personal is political and felt in empathy. We have in depth discussions about what is going on in Venice nearly every week, Please Join us and inform us.  Information is always power.
Work with us on subscriptions, page layout, proofreading, creating posters, art, photo and statements that we need.  Venice is a state of mind, and this paper is it’s poem, one of many.  No one owns the Beachhead.
Free/$20 suggested donation
Pay what you can to support Beachhead.
$100 you will honored as a deity.  You may give or a blessing, or speak from deep passion, about deep things, get a shout out, or be Anonymous.
Pot-Luck we’ll supply the luck
Dionysian … Greek….culture…..democracy….math/ nude wrestling
Wars will end
Children will be begat
Clothing optional
Pan’s Pipe Plays
No room for Regret
Let us speak of Beachhead!
Hosts: Lisa Robins, Suzy Williams
Linda Albertano • Pegarty Long
Marty Liboff • Hillary Kaye
Jon Wolff • Mike Bravo
Yvonne Guzman • Jim Smith
Karl Abrams • Lydia Ponce • Laddie Willi ams
Beachheaders, consisting of an evolving mix of:
Suzy and the Nicknamers
Alfred Johnson • Leon Rubenhold
Carol McArthur • Peter Demian
Greg Cruz • Stephanie Valdez
Kristina Olsen • Carol Chaiken
Rob Mullins
+ Guest Artists TBU
+ If you are a musician and friend of the Beachhead, please come and jam.
+ if we should have invited you to play, bring it.
~To evoke in our performers, the self regulating feeling of sharing the Lead Spotlite time. 

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