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Dinosaurs cartoon by Marty Liboff


(Ukraine) a rap song
Can you feel it?
This is it.
So many children dying
so many mothers crying.
Fear, hate, anger, war
too many people poor.
Not enough food & clean water
there’s going to be a slaughter.
Nuclear weapons & lab diseases
our leaders are all sleezes.
Shadows of death hover over us all
Satan will have a ball.
The Time is at hand
death will cover the land.
Armageddon and the 4 Horsemen ride
there’s nowhere to hide.
Madmen run every capitol
giving us a bunch of bull.
Every leader lies
they don’t care if everyone dies.
Putin, Biden & Trump are all the same
egotistical liars and insane.
The End is near
world leaders just yell lies and fear.
Hate, greed, bigotry, prejudice
has gotten us into this mess.
It may be too late
we’ve opened the Demon gate.
This may be our last poem, story, song
everything in the world is going wrong.
Love & compassion are dead
the Earth covered in bodies, blood red.
Fear and terror are in the air
we need to care there’s no time to spare.
Ya better get down & pray
that we see another day.
We’re in the last days
unless we change our ways.
So many babies die
so many mothers cry.
Can you feel it?
This is it.
Can you feel it?

Let’s Rock by Marty Liboff


-marty liboff- a rap song
Here comes the bomb
Here comes the bomb
blowin up kids, dad & mom.
The Ukraine gives me a migraine
starting WW111 is insane.
Atomic missiles gonna fly
we’re all gonna die!
Our cities go KABOOM
it’s mankind’s doom.
This is the end
of every relative & friend.
An explosion huge & loud
a radioactive mushroom cloud.
Ants & roaches takin our place
it’s the end of the human race.
Armageddon has come
there’s no place to run.
God gave us heaven on Earth
a beautiful paradise of our birth.
We pollute and spoil Earth’s gift
but most don’t get the drift.
Stupid, greedy, assholes ruin it
throwing us down the fiery pit.
Our Time has come
because our leaders are dumb.
It’s apocalypse now
it’s just when & how.
Peace & love is the only way
let’s pray we see another day…

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