CD11 Election Numerology

What meaning, what vision, what love can we find in the hard cold world of campaign finance. Isn’t that the realm of dark money, of egotistical and overbearingly elitist financiers?

Of course it is, but that’s why we are here, to look more closely at how money tries to rule our political choices. The chart below shows a 2400% increase in overall campaign expenditures in the CD11 election, compared to 2017.

Most of the opposition money is against Erin Darling, and that, and Traci Park’s substantial independent support, both come from the Police Protective League. The Police Protective League is spending nearly half of all campaign expenditures by all the candidates and independent supporters and opposers. Apartment Owner Associations are also supporting Traci Park independently. Greg Good’s independent support is mostly AFL-CIO.

Campaign Contribution reports, LA CD11

CD11 Candidate Financial Contribution Report, from LA City Ethics.


Money Independently spent opposing Erin Darling, mostly by the Los Angeles Police Protective League PAC.


Shows major independent funding of Traci Park Support, by the Police Protective League, and Apartment Owner Associations.


You can access this information at LA City Ethics Election Reports

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