By Jon Wolff

Mike Newhouse hates Venice. And he’s running for a seat on the L.A. City Council as councilmember for District 11, which includes Venice.
Newhouse is a land-use lawyer and a real estate broker. While he was president of the Venice Neighborhood Council, he approved the demolition of homes in Venice that should have been declared historical resources. Because Mike Newhouse hates Venice.

He got the Santa Monica Bus company to route their #18 bus down 7th Avenue, through a residential area in Venice, past Oakwood Park where children play. Because Mike Newhouse hates Venice.

He had a cell tower erected on the north-west corner of Oakwood Park, across the street from a pre-school in Venice. Because Mike Newhouse hates Venice.

He was a friend of Carl Lambert while Lambert was being investigated by the City Attorney for illegally converting an apartment building into a hotel, and thus removing affordable housing from Venice. Because Mike Newhouse hates Venice.

While he was president of the West L.A. Planning Commission, he refused to listen to the Oakwood Community’s objections to a proposed hotel project on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice. This hotel/monstrosity would be built across the street from an elementary school, and would serve liquor in the morning when children are walking to class. It would increase traffic on Abbot Kinney Boulevard and Electric Avenue. Newhouse ignored the abundance of signatures that were gathered in opposition to the project. Because Mike Newhouse hates Venice.

Newhouse also voted against the Community’s appeal to the Planning Commission to stop a rich White couple from converting an historical African-American church building into a private mega-mansion. Did he think that desecrating a building that stands as a symbol of a century of Black History in Venice would be good for Venice? No. He just hates Venice.

His supporters hate Venice. His team hates Venice. Anyone who votes for him hates Venice. Read this out loud: Mike Newhouse hates Venice.

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