Voting Guide, PDA and Green, June 7 2022

Here we include a vote recommendation list from Progressive Democrats of America, and a list of Green Party and Peace and Freedom Party Candidates.   These are pretty comprehensive, and debatable.  Choices must be made.

June 7, 2022 Statewide Primary Election
State Constitutional Offices

Governor Gavin Newsom
Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis
Secretary Of State Shirley Weber
Controller Ron Galperin
Treasurer Fiona Ma
Attorney General Rob Bonta
Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara
Superintendent Of Public
Instruction Tony K. Thurmond

Member State Board Of Equalization
3rd District Tony Vasquez

Federal Office

US Senator (Full Term) Alex Padilla
US Senator (Iinish Term) Alex Padilla
(We Need To Vote For Alex Padilla First To Fill Out The Term Of Office Vacated

US Congressional Representatives

12th District Barbara Lee
20th District Any Democrat Against Kevin Mccarthy
26th District Julia Brownley
District 27 Ruth Luevanos
28th District Judy Chu
District 29 Angelica Dueñas
30th District Adam B. Schiff
31st District Grace Napolitano
District 32 Shervin Aazami
District 33 Ted Leiu
District 34 David Kim
37th District Daniel Lee
38th District Linda T. Sanchez
39th District Mark Takano
43rd District Maxine Waters
District 45 Jay Chen
District 46: Mike Ortega
44th District Nanette Diaz Barragan
47th District Katie Porter
District 49: Mike Levin
District 50: Kylie Louie Vie Benitez Taitano
62nd District Anthony Rendon

California State Legislative Offices

State Senator
8th Senate District Dave Jones
22nd Senate District Susan Rubio
24th Senate District Maria Elena Durazo
District 26 Ben Allen
28th Senate District Lola Smallwood-Curevas

Member Of The Assembly
40th District Annie Cho
District 43 Laura Friedman
District 50 Eloise Reyes
51st District Louis Abramson
53th District Miguel Santiago
57th District Reggie Jones-Sawyer
District 62 Maria Estrada
64th District Elizabeth Alcantar
65th District Fatima Iqbal-Zubair

Los Angeles County Offices
Board Of Supervisors
District #1 Hilda Solis
District #3 Henry Stern
Sheriff Eric Strong
Assessor Jeffrey Prang
Controller—Paul Koretz

LAUSD Board of Education
Board District #2—Rocio Rivas Has A Doctorate In Education Research. She Has The Corner On Information Regarding Independent Charter Schools And Has Helped Jackie Goldberg To Try To Protect Lausd Schools From Being Undermined By These Charter Schools. Jan Also Worked With Her On The Kpfk Lsb And Respects Her Educational Work.

City of Los Angeles

Mayor – Karen Bass Has Her Work Cut Out For Her Against Rick Caruso Who Has Already Spent $26 Million On His Campaign. Kevin Deleon Has Done Well On The City Council, And We Are Friends And Admirers Of His, But We Do Not Believe That He Has The Depth Of Knowledge, Experience, And Involvement In Los Angeles As Does Congress Member Bass. Mike Feuer Is An Excellent Human Being And Has Good Politics. He, Too, Cannot Beat Rick Caruso. Karen Is Organizer Extraordinaire. She “Plays Well With Others” And So Can Get Things Done By Working Collaboratively With Council Members. Karen Is A True Progressive Leader And We Believe The Only Candidate Who Has A Chance To Defeat Rick Caruso. She Listens To Others And Will Work With Many Important Community Organizations That Want A Humane And Effective Plan To House The Homeless, Keep The City Running Effectively, Provide Police Reform And Who Can Provide The Leadership This City So Badly Needs.

City Attorney—Faisal Gill Is A Civil Rights Attorney Endorsed By Karen Bass, Cfa (College Teachers), Nuhw (Union Healthcare Workers And Nurses) Supervisor Holly Mitchell, The Ada, The Black Los Angeles Young Democrats, And By The Minnesota Attorney General Who Was The Man Who Successfully Prosecuted The Murderers Of George Floyd.

LA City Council Officers
Cd 1—Gil Cedillo
Cd 5–Jimmy Biblarz & Scott Epstein (Dual Endorsement)
Cd 9 – Adriana Cabrera (Write In)
Cd 11—Erin Darling
Cd13—Hugo Soto-Martinez Is A Union Organizer With The Hotel And Restaurant Workers Union Running Against Incumbent O’farrell. He Is Progressive And Would Be A Leader In The City Council On Matters Having To Do With Homelessness And Raising The City’s Minimum Wage. Hugo Soto-Martinez Will Provide An Additional Strong Voice For Improving The Lives Of Those Struggling To Survive In Los Angeles.
Cd15—Danielle Sandoval Is A Community Organizer From Wilmington And Would Be The First Latina To Represent A District That Is 63% Latina/O.

Judges—We Are Recommending And Will Personally Vote For The Following: (3 Of Whom Are Part Of A Group Called The Defenders Of Justice, Who Basically Come From Public Defender Backgrounds. You Can Read More About Them And These Candidates At Https:/Thedefenders Of Justice.2022/About).

Superior Court Office
#3 – Sherilyn Peace Garrett
#60—Anna Reitano, Deputy Public Defender
#67—Elizabeth Lashly-Haynes, Deputy Public Defender (Also Lacdp, And Stonewall)
#70—Holly Hancock, Deputy Public Defender, (Zeke, Lacpd, And Stonewall.
#90 – Kevin Mcgurk
#116 – Lloyd Handler
#118 – Klint Mckay
#151 — Patrick Hare
#156 – Carol Elsewick

Considering an alternative to the two war parties?

Green Party of California
(Includes Peace and Freedom Party Candidates)
Vote Green on June 7!

Greens in June 2022 Elections:

California State Offices (6)
Luis J. Rodriguez – Governor (ENDORSED)
Heather Collins – Governor
Gary Blenner – Secretary of State (ENDORSED)
Laura Wells – Controller (ENDORSED)
Dan Kapelovitz – Attorney General (ENDORSED)
Veronika Fimbres – Insurance Commissioner

U.S. House of Representatives (3)
Michael Ernest Kerr – U.S. House of Representatives, District 10
Julio Cesar Flores – U.S. House of Representatives, District 42
William ‘Gunner’ Meurer – US House of Representatives, District 30

US Senate (2)
James Henry ‘Henk’ Conn – U.S. Senator
Pamela Elizondo – U.S. Senator

California State Assembly (1)
Tania Solé – State Assembly, District 21