The Horrors of Traci Park

Few like being monsterized as I have done to Traci’s Campaign Headshot.  Monsterization has always been a part of Traci’s campaign.  Her most staunch Canal District Supporters will talk constantly about the Monster on the Median, which is a proposed supportive housing project for the poor. Imagine the horrors!  People who are homeless are monsterized as drug addled pyromaniacs, and the monsterizers often advocate arson against the street camping poor.   They monsterize Bonin, Kuehl, Garcetti, and Newsome with perverse glee.  They monsterize services that help the poor, accusing them of attracting more these monstrous homeless people.  Oh, the horror!   The monsterize the expense of building housing, while their home values have at least tripled, the affordability index has plummeted, and more homeless people are made than helped out every day.  Oh the HORROR! Be afraid citizens for the great horror of “Defund The Police” must be replaced with law and order.  Be fearful citizens, only Traci would fix everything. This the big lie of hubris, and the rhetoric of Republican and Fascists monsters.  So you see fair citizens, there is great danger in the horrors of Traci Park.