“Where Has All The (affordable) Housing Gone?” by Judy Branfman

“Where Has All The (affordable) Housing Gone?”  is a participatory, community-based art project that explores the loss of affordable housing in Venice. Through a series of workshops earlier in the year, diverse Venetians and other LA residents took photos of and wrote about the 270-plus rent-control buildings that have been taken off the affordable housing market in Venice, largely using the Ellis Act. We also looked at the many other ways we’ve lost rent-control housing in Venice. We are developing an exhibit/installation out of the materials we’ve produced, to open on October 8th with related readings and tours with community participants, writers, artists, activists, and scholars. Organized by Judy Branfman in partnership with Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, support has been provided by California Humanities, California Arts Council, LA Dept of Cultural Affairs, and Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Thank you to partner organizations Venice Arts Council, Venice Community Housing, Westside Local-LA Tenants Union, Veterans For Peace-LA, and Keep Neighborhoods First.

Our KPFK Poets Café show https://soundcloud.com/poetscafe/venice-housing-poetry-discussion-poets-cafe-kpfk-072623?si=0b21b104aaa74929ba5f4033d6e73efc

Our Beachhead story https://thevenicebeachhead.com/2023/04/07/where-has-all-the-affordable-housing-gone/


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